How to Use Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Pages as an SEO Treasure Trove

Poorly conceived website pages devoted to frequently asked questions can confuse and bore users while falling short of their SEO potential.

If you plan or revise them well, FAQ pages can pay off for your company for branded and non-branded keywords.

Start with an FAQ audit

It sounds like an easy task. Review your 300-word FAQ content and call it a day. But an audit has all sorts of benefits if you ask effective questions:

  • Are there too many questions on the page?
  • Are the answers too brief?
  • Is the content outdated?
  • Does the content link to related pages?
  • What is the tone? Is it playful, conversational, dry, entertaining, etc.?
  • What are the calls to action in the answers as well as the design?
  • Does the content reference customer-support downloads and communities?
  • Does the content address a potential customer’s pain points and lead the person to a purchase?
  • Is it easy to find the FAQ?
  • Are appropriate images or video included?

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